The Majority’s Cowardice

What could possibly compel a living-creature to deform from potential energy into kinetics? Unarguably, for the most part, anger is such a promising motivating force for people to act and proceed. As a matter of fact, most of my writings here are galvanised by anger.

Today, I am cognisant of several arbitrary predicaments occurring in here and there. Case like Charleston’s is not something revolutionary in America’s history. What so appalling about it is how it keeps lingering in this present-day, in the place avowed as the most liberal country in the world. Over and above that, how some Americans responding to it is just revolting. They refuse to accept obvious conviction that mingles behind it; racism. Classic, and the colour of classic as we aware are black and white. The wrangles about gun possession, impoverished community, or education system may continue but we are all know, even me who live far on the other side of the globe, know that it’s about the majority race that somehow disgusted and tyrannised by the minority. And this phenomenon sadly scatters and occupies our sphere.

In my country, today we just discovered that a respectable actor has converted his religion. It wouldn’t be a big issue if he converted from something else into Islam, (well it’d still be huge but in less intricate situation at least). But the fact that he has converted from Islam (where the majority of my country is muslim) into something else as predicted has created a mayhem. I can not apprehend why people are so angry with his personal choice of commitment. How can people fancy themselves, intrude his personal territory, and just rebuke. Conceivably the jurisdiction to oppress is conveyed from the large dose of companionship brick that gradually shapes into a monumental sanctum where everyone beyond that are all simply sullied and sinful.

Let’s not forget about Aung San Su Kyii who strove fiery and fought the discrimination for years but now turned a deaf ear to Rohingya ethnic. Aside of that, earlier today, Daily Mail informed that Prime Minister David Cameron has just stated that muslims in UK are silently support jihadis. Well, isn’t it so perspicuous to grasp the dread of majority about minority’s existence? We associate number with power, the larger it is the stronger it would be. But it’s not always accurate. Perhaps the larger it is the more vulnerable it would be, because there will be rugged singular conceptualisation of everything that will rot from the inside and left big hole of paranoia and outsider phobia.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to remember that at the end of the day, while we can’t choose the lives we are born in, we can decide how to make the best out of it

By: Toby Morris

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