So Here We Go Again

Hello there.

I’m gonna make this short. So I promised you I’d tell you about which way I’ll take. And here’s the answer. I’m gonna work in a company based in Balikpapan. Never though I would do this, but it’s all meant to be I guess. So tomorrow will be a new start for me. I still have the same dream. It will not be a dead end I promise to myself. I’m gonna do something meaningful for my family, people in needs, and for my country.

So, wish me luck.

I love how “Her…

I love how “Her” depicts the world. So quiet, lonely, delightful, and orange-ish.

After re-watching the movie.

At the moment I…

At the moment I realise how I love this life. I love when the sun rays entering the window and hitting my hands. I love the warmths when I am surrounded by the people that I know for long time. I like familiar places. Couch, room, and TV never get me bored. I enjoy the comfort. I don’t mind not leaving this town actually. But I have to go. I have to sip a little bit more of this life, the ups and downs. I have to trust my self more. I already am missing everything here and now. I go to learn more. I hope one day I’ll be back home and give back and make difference here.

At my final moments before leaving.

Jangan putus as…

Jangan putus asa. Kalau menyerah, habislah sudah.

Aitthipat Kulapongvanich, an inspiring thai who found Tae Kao Noi in young age with such harsh struggles in his life. Watched his biography movie today, and yes what he said is absolutely true. If he had given up that time, if he had chosen to stop in that one of many times he had difficulties, he wouldn’t have became the person like he is now.