Be careful of your anger. Cope with it. Manage yourself. Don’t let it consume you.

Because you will never know how does it hurt becoming the person whom got hit from your irrepressible explosion.


To All Parents

Jangan-jangan cikal bakal tindakan korup itu bermula dari orang tua yang menjelaskan pada anaknya tentang peranan uang dalam kehidupan.

Call Me Hipster

I’m wondering why I don’t have any excitement preparing my graduation day. Maybe I don’t think ending my happy college time and starting something unsettled yet is worth to celebrate.

So, call me hipster.


Semoga Tuhan menuntun langkah kaki ini agar apapun jalur yang dijejaki nantinya dapat memberi manfaat. Mungkin tak sehebat matahari dengan cahayanya yang menyengat. Cukuplah bermula jadi arang berpendar yang senantiasa berupaya menyebar hangat.

Whatever You Do


Whatever you’re doing now,

be there, be present, and accept it.

Dream high, describe with more detail, but expect nothing.

Enjoy the moment and take the lesson so you can be more grateful.

Don’t forget to keep on growing and help others so you can be meaningful to other people but more important, to yourself.

– Note to myself.