Future Seems to Be So Lonely

I’ve just watched a movie called “Her”. It is sci-fi romantic comedy movie starred by Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johanson. It’s written and directed by Spike Jonze who is well known by “Being John Malkovich”. It’s very authentic, futuristic, yet make sense because very possible to happen. And yep, quite romantic. 
The main story is about man in his loneliness falling in love with an operating system equipped with artificial intelligence. It’s confusing but also beautiful. I felt like watching “Wall-E” where future turns humans into solitaires and  technology-dependent loners. I saw the ironic, when people find affection and love from something programmed and created by another people. People lose their ability to love but need love desperately. And don’t you feel it? it’s happening now actually.
I don’t know what’s wrong but we are getting more helpless as time goes by. We become so much self centered. Unconsciously seeking attention and appreciation in social media for every wisdom we thought, every place we visited, every food we ate, every book we red, every movie watched, every song listened, even every problem that we got. We search warmth and affection. But ironically, what’s sought by humans can not be provided by humans. So they search it through technology. And it’s not merely a tool. Technology becomes a major need. Since it provides what we need the most in life: recognition of existence, as what Maslow said.
So, will future be so lonely?
I hope not.

The First One

I am typing this with my first notebook ever, Asus A9RP. Bought it with my own money around 6 years ago. Well, honestly not 100% but mostly with my own money. The mouse pad is broken so I used mouse instead, few of the keyboard tuts aren’t working well, and moreover it runs very slow. My current notebook is MacBook Pro, so compare to that, it is non-arguably a piece of junk.

So why am I using it right now? Its memory. And what I mean by memory is not about the hard drive or the RAM duuh. It is very nostalgic.
While I’m using it, I remembered the process of saving money to buy it, I remember the excitement to buy and to use it, I remember high school, I remember old friends, I remember the good old days. And thing which has the capability to repel you into the past is usually called memento. So yeah. it’s kind of memento to me, my first notebook.
A side of that, in purchasing, I think people not only paying for the item, people also paying to get the experience. And experience is usually more expensive than what actually tagged to the price label.