Things Now

Hi there! It’s been along time. Well to be precise it has been 57 days since I’ve left home. Many things happened. I went to many places, met many people. Many things that I’ve been thinking quite a lot. Human interaction definitely is a weird thing. Still, every time I make contact with people with different sex, background, age, I always get confused. I realise that I’m not really good at adaptation. If I find my self in a strange condition I turn to be more quiet. I tend to observe more. And I think that inflict misunderstanding about my personality.

Until know I still have no idea how to against the firm stupidity. I’m learning how to deliver my idea well and convincing without hurting.

And money. Money might symbolise many things. But at the end it’s still number anyway. It leads you to the endless. And that’s pathetic, trying to reach something you don’t even know where it might lead you.

I guess we are all seeking for security. Try to find shelter, be with familiar faces in familiar places, want to be acknowledged and loved so bad. And we find something that can make it way easier. Money. So we rush and vie collecting money as much as we can and forget the main reason why we’re doing it.

Incase we might forget this in the future. Remember, all the securities, we’d find them at our own home, with family and friends, accepted with warmths, safe and sound.

And about acknowledgement. I don’t really care. All I want to do for self actualisation is doing something good, hi-impact, and desired by me. I admit it’s quite idealistic but why not? Instead, we need those unpretentious people with idealists than up class skeptical bubble heads, don’t we?