My friend got married and another one just died today. I should not be thinking anymore that I would live until 60. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the dawn everyone. Enjoy the ride.

My Baby Tree

Hello again!

A week ago I joined a program from WWF named MybabyTree. With IDR 150,000 you can plant a tree in a location that you can choose, name it, and see your tree grow. I think it has new and engaging concept of donation. I mean normally donation is always about spending money and leaving it to the people organising it and that’s all about it. But with the growth monitoring, somehow you would feel more attached just like parents nurturing their children. Moreover, you can feel that what you’re doing is something meaningful to save Indonesia forest and many organisms in it. Click this to join the program.


I named my tree “Mediane” (gosh nothing really came to my mind that time). And I chose to plant it at Ciliwung Watershed. Why? Well, I think someone has to save those metropolitan greedy and selfish asses living near to the location for a while.

Lalu Lintas

Night Traffic

Credit to the owner

Bukankah hidup ini hanya menumpang? Masing-masing menumpang kendaraan yang melaju, kadang cepat kadang lambat tapi semua pada jalan besar yang sama bernama suratan nasib dan takdir. Berdimensi ruang dan waktu. Saat terburu atau diburu waktu, tidak jarang kendaraan tak bisa dipacu, terhalang banyak yang lainnya di depan. Sebaliknya, saat kita hanya sekedar ingin berjalan-jalan santai sambil melihat kiri kanan terkadang kendaraan di belakang tak sabaran, menyuruh kita untuk lekas-lekas.

Bukankah hidup ini adalah lalu lintas? Bising dan ramai saat hari cerah tapi senyap dan sepi saat hari gelap. Kadang kita berlawanan atau berpapasan. Kadang pula kita bertemu kendaraan lainnya yang seperjalanan. Satu jalur, satu lajur, satu tujuan. Tapi tak jarang tiba kondisi dimana kita harus saling mendahului. Seringnya sih karena tak sabaran.
Bukankah hidup ini berkendaraan? Kemanapun bepergian, tujuan akhirnya hanyalah rumah untuk berpulang.


I recently found out another exciting musician. It began when I started watching Samurai Champloo.

Samurai Champloo (cr: owner)

Samurai Champloo (cr: owner)

The opening song was so catchy, it’s a rap song blending pleasantly with jazzy vibe, upbeat tempo, and groovy piano accompaniment. Interesting isn’t it? So I googled and it turned out the musician behind this is Nujabes

Nujabes (cr: owner)

Nujabes (cr: owner)

Actually his name is Jun Seba. Nujabes is reverse spelling of his name. He’s hip hop producer/DJ from Japan. I had downloaded more than 20 songs. Actually his song is full of repetition melodies and there aren’t many instruments involved. But I think those are what make his songs become special. The simplicity.

I don’t know how you would feel but every time I heard his song, it soothed me. It was always simple but yet quite intense and each song when he collaborated with rapper has meaningful lyric. But sadly he passed away in 2010 due to traffic accident. Here are few of his songs I like the most. Enjoy 😉