South Sudan

I was surprised to learn that South Sudan surpassed Syria to become the fastest growing humanitarian crisis in the world (source: NPR). Little that I know about South Sudan, glad I found this Vox video, hope it’ll explain it better.

Such an irony that the newest nation is divided by the same cause why they separated from Sudan — civil war. The situation is worsened by mass exodus and starvation. This video from The Guardian explains why do people still got hungry.

So what can we do about it? One quick help is by giving donation through UNHCR. You can choose it either monthly or one time only. It’ll be used mainly on building shelters. If you choose one time donation, there will be range from 35 USD – 75 USD with each allocation relevant to the amount. Technology has made it so easy to outreach anyone and God has been so good that we all still have roofs above our heads with clean water and plenty of foods, we literally no longer need to have an excuse to not be thankful enough and help those in needs.