Why “What can we do about it?” is The Best Response


“That’s very sad” or “I feel sorry about that” is a common response when we heard a bad news. Wether it’s sincere from our heart or just an expression of sympathy, we have to admit one thing; the situation would likely remain the same. An intention to jump-in and help is in another level. It embodies a will to posses the problem and being altruistic. How can one does not truly care about what possibly can take and simply just give instead? This notion will make no sense for individual interest, but in bigger picture,  it maybe the best solution for our sustainability and well-being problem which predominantly revolves around modern individual tendency to become more and more self and fortune-centered.

So the next time we hear an unpleasant news or aware of terrible condition, after express our sympathy and condolences, let’s try to ponder for a moment “what can we possibly do about it?”.