Waking Up

Mood when you’re waking up is something you can not predict. Sometimes you feel worn out and sometimes you feel good to go. Sometimes you remember every details in your dream and sometimes you don’t.

Lately I tried to start a new habit. Normally before I went to sleep, I checked every social media that I have but because my phone is broken, nothing much to be checked, so I began to do something else.

While  I was closing my eyes, I tried to memorised what I had been through in that day, whom people I had met, what had made me smile, laugh, or feel bitter, the promise I made, every fragmented memories I could recall. And as a finale, I said “Alhamdulillah”. Thanking for everything happened to me that day, air I breathed, loved ones I met, and every moments had been created in my life. I think by doing it, it could influence the mood when you’re waking up positively. Have a try!


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